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We accept American Express, Visa, Master Card and Diners.

  Commercial Accounts

Commercial accounts are allowed to have an open account with SupplyDIRECT Inc. 

Some commercial accounts must apply traditionally with a Credit Application. Government entities such as schools and hospitals have an instant open account. 

Download our commercial credit application. Then mail it to us. We must have the original application on file in order to open your account.

Open Account Overview:
If your company has never ordered or it has been a long time since you have, the order will need to be prepaid. If an order follows within 30 days we will be glad to process a credit application, which should be submitted at that time.

To maintain an open account, a customer must show active usage of their account. If an account lays dormant for several months then the account is placed on prepay.

For infrequent purchases we suggest using a credit card. Orders that are below $100.00 that accompany a credit application, will fall under our prepay policy.

Open account customers, other than hospitals, schools, military or government organizations, must show revenue of 1 million dollars in annual sales. Your income tax return must accompany application. If you are listed on any stock exchange, no tax return is required. If you are a franchisee of any organization then a tax return is required. If you feel a return is not required you may call and review your situation.

If you prefer, we accept credit cards. Credit cards are a great way to set up terms. You can benefit from the many 'Rewards' programs the cards offer. From free gifts, airline tickets and even cash back. This is like an added perk with your company. Your rewards program will grow and grow. You cannot get these rewards if you open an account with us. 

If you're worried about getting reimbursed by your company in a timely manner, we make that easy too. If you provide an email address, we can send you a copy of the order immediately so you can submit it right away to get reimbursed.

We accept all major credit cards; MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover and Western Union and bank wires.


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